REFRACTOMETRE D’ ABBE Princeton Instruments 2WAJ
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REFRACTOMETRE D’ ABBE Princeton Instruments 2WAJ

Référence : 2WAJ

Fiche technique
UGS : 2WAJ Catégorie :


  • Measurement of refractive index nD, average dispersion nF-nc of transparent or translucent liquid and solid substances.
  • Measurement of mass fraction (Brix) of cane sugar solution.
  • Widely used in the field of sugar, pharmaceutical, beverage, petroleum, food, chemical industries as well as research institutes and educational department.
  •  Visual aim, optical index-plate reading.
  • Easy and reliability.


  •  Refractive index nD: 1.3000-1.7000
  • Accuracy: ±0.0002
  • Dissolved Solids Brix: 0-95%
  • Weight (net): 2.6kg
  • Overall dimensions: 200mm ´ 100mm ´ 240mm


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